Family owned and operated since 2001, Thai Cafe has become a well beloved fixture in Downtown Orlando's food scene. Head Chef Noi, also affectionately known simply as 'Mama' by regulars, brings you comforting family recipes in an intimate setting in the heart of Orlando.

Hailing from the province of Nakon Nayok, Noi arrived in the United States in 1986 . From there she worked in numerous restaurants, further honing her skills as the years passed by.  Her food philosophy is simple, she won't serve you anything that she wouldn't serve to her own family. As a result, her dishes are consistently fresh and served in generous portions.

 She sources many components of her dishes from local farmers and her own backyard. In every bite, there is a commitment and duty to delivering not only phenomenal service but also the comforting tastes of her hometown. We look forward to your future visits and hope that you may continue to patronize our business.